Prime quality and fresh meat at a convenient price

When it comes to intake of various minerals then meat is one of the best options to consider as it provides high-quality protein, iron, various vitamins, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, etc. Including meat in our diet provides us with important health-promoting nutrients that we need for our wellbeing as well as supports the optimal functioning of our cells.

Being aware of the importance of meat consumption Viva Fresh is dedicated to offering quality, fresh and safe meat and meat products.

Therefore, Viva Fresh has partnered with local and international partners who care for their animals and apply a safety control process throughout the whole process from the origin of the animals and the slaughter process to the handling, storage and delivery of the fresh and quality meat to the store.  While, Viva Fresh performs many actions to assure safety, quality and freshness of the meat and at the same time offering to consumer healthy and tasty meat.

Top quality meat of beef, lamb, chicken, fish and their products such as steak, ribs, filets, bones and other types of meat products can be found fresh each day at every store where Viva Fresh operates.

Lastly, In Viva Fresh consumers can find prime quality and fresh meat at a convenient price.

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