Nutritional, fresh and quality fruits and vegetables

In Viva Fresh we understand that fruits and vegetables play a significant role in human health as they are considered one of the main sources of vitamins (A, C, B6, etc), minerals, and dietary fibers. Further, some other important nutrients supplied by fruits and vegetables are magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, calories, etc.

Consumption of fresh and nutrient fruits and vegetables on daily bases has a positive effect on human health as well as lowers risk toward many diseases as they provide essential nutrients.

Therefore, Viva Fresh is committed to offering nutritional, fresh and quality fruits and vegetables on daily bases in every point of sale where it operates.

Moreover, Viva Fresh consumers have access to a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables including some fruits that can rarely be found in the marketplace. So, aside from offering all of the commonly used and seasonal fruits, in our stores can be found fruits such as dragon fruit, pomelo, kumquat, papaya fruit, etc that are recently new in our market.

Viva Fresh store has established a very long relationship with a local vendor that plants, harvests and transports fruits and vegetables in accordance with the highest standards to offer high quality and freshness.

Offering only A class fruits and vegetables, diversity in choice and the best price at the best quality makes the Viva Fresh the best place to buy fresh and tasty fruits and vegetable at any time of the year.



Best Price

The best prices for the best quality.

Large Assortment

Wide assortment to meet consumers’ needs and expectations.

Best Service

Fast and quality services at anytime.

Great Location

Convenient and easily accessible locations all over Kosovo.
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