We Cook Our Bread With Love

Every morning we open our doors to our consumers with the fresh scent of bread, croissants and other products. As bread and bakery products are essential food for humankind their taste, quality and freshness are the fundamental in every step of baking process in Viva Fresh.

Bringing together right ingredients, passionate bakers and sustainable approaches Viva Fresh is devoted to bring bakery products that will be remembered for their freshness, remarkable taste and flavor.

Committed toward a sustainable process of baking we make sure to select the finest grain and fresh milled flour, consult our experienced bakers on their expertise and recommendations and create a balanced recipe of each bakery product.

Most importantly, each and every step of baking is defined according to highest European standards.

Cooked and baked with great love and devotion, bakery products are the right choice for any meal. Above all you will find a wide selection of bread, muffins, donuts, and croissants for every taste!

Our Product’s

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